Masland is recognized as the styling leader and producer of new original products for the marketplace. Masland products exemplify originality, innovative construction and color treatment as well as lasting beauty.

By using premium branded yarns, Dixie Home offers customers above average styling and performance, while taking advantage of the powerful pull-through leverage of the name brand yarn.

Manufacturing your own flooring has it's benefits - Biyork Flooring offers premium quality flooring products with Floor Score approved quality and bacterial coating. All at one of the most competitive prices in the industry!

CLEO begins with a waterproof and flexible mineral composite core that contains zero PVC, plasticizers, phthalates or chloro-chemicals. Then, a series of high performance coatings are applied to create the visual layer and protective clear finish. Low VOC

Action Flooring's Exclusive Premium Luxury Vinyl Plank. Designed by picking our client's favourite colours and ensuring the highest quality manufacturing.

Our goal is to make products with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Products that go beyond neutral to help restore the health of the planet. Carpet Tiles. Vinyl, Rubber and more!

An authentic, rustic look of traditional crafted wood planks. Designflooring is a more versatile and practical alternative to laminate flooring in numerous aspects.

These tiles create a beautiful design that is broken up by less lines than you will see in smaller tiles - creating the feeling of a wide open and modern space. You will find these often in modern designed homes and high end commercial spaces.

Air.o is a low VOC Carpet made of recycled materials. Great for the environment and great for your health!

Purline flooring is a high-quality polyurethane floor covering made with Ecuran which uses by natural oils in place of conventional petrochemical polyols

We are proud to bring you the PurParket experience. Search, view and get inspired by our collections and choose a floor that will be the statement piece of your home.

We are in awe of these floors! For our Friday Find this week we are excited to share this cutting-edge collection that we now carry by Torlys: The CorkWood Designer and CorkWood Elite